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Join the Top Tier of the Travel Industry

Do you have a passion for travel? We do, too!

Our love of travel is what created TierOne Travel in the first place – that and our passion for people and ensuring they have the most incredible, memorable travel experiences possible.

At TierOne Travel we are also passionate about our independent travel consultants and agencies. We value the trust they put in us and, in turn, we offer them top-tier support and commissions. Our travel agents are recognized by our industry partners as the utmost accomplished professionals, and our brand is recognized as one of the best host agencies in the business.

If you are an experienced travel specialist seeking new opportunities, you’ve come to the right place. Joining TierOne Travel will move you to another tier of freedom and fun. Working at your own pace and in your preferred environment – at home, on the beach or in an office provided by us – you will discover what you’ve been missing.


We have what you’re looking for.

As the original Host Agency in Western Canada since 1994,
we continue to rank among the Top 10 Travel Agencies in Canada.

Join the best.

We remain 100% Canadian owned and operated and, as a boutique host agency, have respected relationships with some of the best suppliers worldwide. We provide top revenue earning potential, the highest support to agent ratio, an enthusiastic marketing team, dedicated ticketing and airline contract support, and we offer exclusive TierOne training and incentives.

Become part of the TierOne Travel Team and you will have access to all that you need to provide your customers with excellent service and delivery. Our entire support network is dedicated to working for you. With TierOne Travel, you will have the freedom to do what you do best, while leaving the rest to us.

Please note that we currently cannot accept consultants from the US, Quebec and Ontario.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Young woman smiling and giving tickets, passport with visa to tourists.

“I’ve enjoyed my best 4 years in my travel career with Tier One.  I joined Tier One with a big smile and I’m still smiling. Covid only affected my income, but not my gratitude and joy to be part of the Tier One family. I’m looking forward to 2021 and many more years with Tier One.”

– Joanne Hopkins, TierOne Travel Consultant


Still struggling to earn more revenue?

We can make that a distant memory.



Flexible Work Schedule

At TierOne Travel, we understand the value living life to the fullest. Time flies by and we know how important it is to spend it with family and friends, as well, the value of travel in our own lives.

When you join TierOne Travel, you can rest assured that our business model and structure creates the flexibility for you to set your own schedule, chose your own clients, and decide where you want to work. You choose your preferred lifestyle and fit work around it. Not the other way around!


TierOne Travel has aligned with only the best in the industry – exceptional supplier partners and a dedicated consortia, Ensemble, which provides you the opportunity to earn top tier commissions.


TierOne Travel has a variety of competitive and generous contract opportunities suited to your business model. Let’s sit down and discuss which option works best for you.

Have you always wanted to develop your own team? TierOne also has Associate contracts, where you have the potential to enhance your advantage by creating your own team of travel consultants.


We have the technology that enables you to work anywhere, anytime. We provide the IT support to set you up for success in the office, at home, on the road or at the beach. If you prefer to work in an office or want to meet with clients in a professional setting, we can provide that for you as well. You choose.


Welcome to the world
of increased income and reduced costs.

Travel Benefits

We are passionate about travel and we know you are too! We want you to be able to pursue this passion by travelling to as many places as possible, as often as you can. After all, we know your experiences will turn into stories you can share with clients.

  • No limits on ‘Familiarization Trips’ aka Educational Seminars.
  • Access to numerous airlines, cruise, and hotel discounts.
  • Opportunity to earn free and discounted travel through our preferred supplier initiatives.
  • Discounted travel with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Agent card (after six months of industry travel).

Access to Group Health Benefits

When you join TierOne Travel you have access to our group health benefits. We have an excellent plan that provides coverage for health expenses not covered by your provincial plan, such as prescriptions, dental, supplementary health and wellness needs, along with short and long-term disability.


TierOne Travel recognizes our top performers with our annual TOT Awards. These awards are presented to our highest supporters of Air Canada, WestJet, and our Top 10 preferred suppliers.

Conference and Other Events

  • TierOne Travel Conference in Calgary is our opportunity to invite our esteemed travel consultants and preferred suppliers, every other year, for a weekend of fun, collaboration and learning. These fun events, include keynote speakers, a supplier trade show, team building activities, followed by a gala evening and dance.
  • Our consultants can take advantage of TierOne Travel’s exclusive ‘Educational Seminar’ hosted in a different destination every other year, providing our consultants with the opportunity for travel, networking, destination education & fun!
  • We celebrate our Top 10 Ensemble ranking annually with our various office locations (in Calgary and Victoria) every summer.

Corporate Tools

  • Airline Contracts – TierOne Travel maintains lucrative airline contracts offering you a competitive edge.
  • Corporate Reporting – A variety of corporate reporting tools are available to meet the requirements of your clients.
  • Proposal Writing Assistance and Templates – We extend support with proposal creation to help you secure corporate accounts.
  • Joint Sales Calls – TierOne executives are more than willing to assist you on joint sales calls with potential clients.

Additional Perks

  • Dedicated Global Distribution System (GDS) support – Our knowledgeable support staff are here to provide assistance and guidance when it comes to either Sabre or Travelport technology and processes.
  • Dedicated Airline Contract Support – TierOne has the best support in the industry when it comes to deciphering airline contracts and how to take advantage them.
  • TierOne Travel Ticketing Department – Don’t want to be bothered with the complexities of ticketing airline tickets? Not to worry – TierOne Travel offers our own in-house ticketing department.
  • Accounting Support – TierOne Travel’s accounting department is eager to assist in any accounting questions you may have as well as providing for the needs of your clients, such as customized client reports.
  • Go Program – Our Go Program is TierOne Travel’s proprietary software designed for your group business. It eliminates the challenges of group business accounting by providing a program that allows you to communicate, collect data and provide invoicing for all your group clients no matter how large or small.


Do you like the commission from Group Travel but avoid due to the overwhelming data collection?

TierOne Travel has the answer to relieve that headache!


TierOne Travel provides customized materials with our logo, but your phone number, email address, website, and social media links.

We can also help set you up on social media and teach you how to use it to market yourself to the fullest.

Our Marketing Team is also a whiz at direct mail and email campaigns that will also increase your reach.

Don’t have a website?

You can link to the main TierOne Travel site, or we can help you create your own personalized Tier One Travel consultant website!

We’re pleased to offer our consultants two different website options to choose from:

the Personalized Travel Website which uses our TierOne Travel website template, see as an example or the Deluxe Customized Travel Website which is a completely unique website developed just for you, see as an example.

Pricing + What’s Included:

Personalized Travel Website: $500 Flat-Rate

  • Using our Tier One Travel template:, personalized with your own content and photos
  • Includes current and updated Travel Promotions, Blogs, Travel Styles Content Pages, etc. (more info below)
  • Optional: Softvoyage Booking Engine offering Flights, Hotel, Vacation Packages, etc. (additional monthly fee $$)

Deluxe Customized Travel Website: TBD based on features – $50/hour

  • Includes everything from the Personalized Travel Website, above, plus….
  • When choosing the Deluxe Customized Travel Website, a completely unique website will be designed for you, matching your travel niche and areas of focus.
  • For example, see Maggie’s completely customized Destination Wedding website:
  • Our marketing team will design a completely unique website for you, with extra website pages and features as you’d like. The sky’s the limit – you dream it, we can make it a reality!
  • Cost: $50/hour
  • The amount of time required to design and develop your unique website will depend heavily on your preferences and features, but a rough estimate would be anywhere from 10-20 hours for something the size of Maggie’s wedding site:
  • Have a set budget in mind? We can propose a design + website features to fit within that budget.
  • Let’s talk about your vision and we can provide you with a quote and go from there!


  • Agent Bio Page
  • Testimonials Section
  • Awards + Accolades Section
  • Supplier Promotions (updated weekly by TierOne Travel)
  • Travel Blog Posts (updated weekly by TierOne Travel)
  • Partner Content Section (of your choice)
  • 10 Travel Styles Content Pages
  • 10 Travel Destinations Content Pages
  • Tours Listings (with G Adventures)
  • Email Newsletter Signup
  • Ensemble Award-Winning eMagazines
  • Contact Me Forms
  • Softvoyage Booking Engine offering Flights, Hotel, Vacation Packages, etc. (additional monthly fee $$)

We have an amazing Marketing Team
enhancing our brand and reputation.

And when you become part of the TierOne family,
your brand and reputation will also be enhanced.

Other Marketing Initiatives:

Dedicated Marketing Support – Free social media content, including: royalty-free photography, videos, travel articles, etc. that you can share with your social media audience. TierOne also provides you with a database of preferred supplier promotions that are updated daily and pre-written sample captions and photos, making it easy for you to share promos with your audience. You also are provided with the assistance and support of a marketing specialist, helping you to create, measure and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Client Newsletters – Personalized travel newsletters are available three times per month to send to your clientele as you see fit, positioning you as the expert and keeping you front of mind.

TierOne Travel Blog – Our travel blogs are fun and informative. We cover a wide range of topics with an end goal to inspire and excite readers to contact TierOne Travel for all their travel needs. We regularly write about pertinent travel topics and trends, educating our audience about enticing travel options and encouraging them to book under the TierOne Travel brand. Check out more blogs here.

We always strive to ensure blog content is timely, sensitive and appropriate, and our consultants can feel confident sharing this content with their own clients to keep them feeling inspired and informed.

Ensemble Vacations Magazine – As part of TierOne Travel, you have access to the suite of award-winning Ensemble Magazines directly mailed to your clientele, from you, such as Ensemble Vacation, ExtraOrdinary Experiences, Bon Vivant & Family Vacations which are published numerous times a year for its member agencies. These publications are an exceptional way to stay current and keep you clients focused on your services.

Here are some examples of this award-winning magazine:

Range February 2023

Vacations Winter 2023

Bon Vivant 2022

Ultimate Family Vacations 2022


Consultant Testimonials

  • "I have had a great experience thus far, working under the TierOne umbrella. The admin staff, the tech support, head office; have all been great. The company structure allows me to have full autonomy while being supported. I highly recommend TierOne travel to any travel agent wanting to go independent!"
    Vanny Baron, Victoria
    TierOne Travel Consultant
  • "Tier One Travel has given me a chance to grow my business on my own terms while offering assistance with all aspects of social media, branding, anything to grow your business if you put in the work. The team at Head Office is well respected within the travel community and the support staff go a long way in helping with day to day needs. Being part of a consortium like Ensemble is incredible as well for resources, promotions, and getting a leg up on the competition. The success within Ensemble and being continually ranked in the top 5 year after year is a testament to the team at Tier One. I am very happy with my decision to go independent and work with the best."
    Warren Robinson, Edmonton
    TierOne Travel Consultant
  • Tier One Travel is the best company I have ever worked for and I have been in the industry over 28 years! What makes TierOne awesome? The people, plain and simple. Everyone from head office to marketing and the other agents. There is always someone to call for support and get through any issue you may encounter. TierOne cares – they care about their agents, our families, and our clients. I do not feel like just a number with TierOne, they make me feel special. The question is, why wouldn’t you want to work with one of the most reputable agencies in Canada? 
    Angela Kibsey, Airdrie
    TierOne Travel Consultant
  • “I have always felt supported at TierOne Travel. That’s something that isn’t always available in a large corporate structure.”
    Brian Hawksworth, Victoria
    TierOne Travel Consultant
  • I just wanted to start today with a big THANK YOU to everyone at TierOne. Today, is my 3rd Year Anniversary of being a part of this wonderful company and I just wanted to say how very, very happy I am to be part of this family. Ever since I came aboard EVERYONE has made me feel so welcome. After working in an agency for 30+ years, starting a new venture working from home was full of uncertainties and anxiety, however those fears were put rest the minute I started with TierOne. You are all fantastic people and I am very proud to be associated with each and every one of you. Once again THANK YOU !!!!!
    Nick Brown, Edmonton
    TierOne Travel Consultant
  • “I’m having so much fun being my own boss! I set my own hours, I have my own clients, I have a say in how my marketing is done and I make LOTS of money.”
    Anita Stefanyk-Malo, Edmonton
    TierOne Travel Consultant
  • “TierOne Travel has given me the tools that enable me to offer my clients the best service and products. The support group at TierOne is the best. From accounting to reception, I know I can count on them to provide me with what I need.”
    Jack Summy, Calgary
    TierOne Travel Consultant
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with TierOne for just over 1 year now. I can honestly say I wish I would have joined them years ago. It has been so refreshing to have the support of so many, they have made me feel like part of the team/family since day one. They are always happy to help should I need advice on anything from accounting to airline policies and everything in between. Their preferred partnerships with so many different suppliers make doing my job so much easier and much more profitable. I am much happier, and making more money is nice too!"
    Lea-Ann Burant
    TierOne Travel / Expert Planner

Enjoy the perks of being your own boss
with the support you need
to focus on what you love.


Supplier Testimonials

  • "Named an Air Canada Circle of Excellence Agency, Tier One Travel sets itself apart with a strong leadership team and industry influencers. We are proud to call Tier One Travel our most trusted partner - To many more years of shared success ahead!"
    Syed Hussain
    Senior Key Account Manager, Air Canada
  • "The TierOne team are experts in all areas of travel and truly understand how to take care of individual travelers needs. The consultants have invaluable cruise knowledge, along with promotions and powerful resources at their fingertips, which keeps clients coming back to TierOne to plan and book their next vacation."
    Tom Steer
    Business Development Manager, Holland America
  • "TierOne has a strong reputation for providing robust training solutions, marketing support and lead generation to its teams. TierOne supports their agents in their role of educating their clients on all the options available to them when they are looking to take their next vacation. It is always a pleasure to visit your offices and meet and work with your teams."
    Gary Armstrong
    G Adventures Global Purpose Specialist
  • “Tier One Travel has amazing Travel Consultants, as they are always professional and very knowledgeable on all the travel options and destinations available to their clients. It is always a pleasure to work with and be one of Tier One’s preferred Cruise Partners.”
    Cindy Schell-Woloshyn
    Business Development Manager, Princess Cruises
  • “Sunwing is pleased to work closely in association with TierOne Travel to promote and sell all-inclusive vacation packages to various Sun destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. We have forged an excellent working relationship over the past several years with the TierOne Travel team. We have partnered with them to develop unique sales and marketing programs that have helped grow our mutual sales together. We look forward to continuing to explore new ideas that can help increase our mutual sales in the future”.
    Graeme Franklin
    Director of Sales Western Canada, Sunwing
  • “TierOne Travel = True Travel Professionals”
    Sharon Kramer
    Business Development Manager, Manulife
  • “TierOne is an important key partner of Air Canada Vacations. They are a notable agency with reputable travel advisors who are always eager to learn and stay current with trade information. They are a pleasure to work with, highly professional and are always advocating for their clients best interest.”
    Marigold Frontuna
    General Manager Sales Western Canada, Air Canada Vacations
  • "I love working with my Tier One partners. From the head office management to the front-line advisors there is a commitment to be creative and to deliver the best results possible from any initiatives we undertake."
    Beverley Vickers
    Director of Sales & Marketing Canada, Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  • "TierOne Travel is one of the most respected agencies in Western Canada. Their dedicated and professional staff are always a pleasure to deal with, and truly understand the concept of partnership."
    Dean Neville
    Sales Manager, Transat

Does running your own business seem unattainable?

With so many details to consider, let TierOne Travel show you how to make it a reality.


Enjoy the perks of being your own boss with the support you need to focus on what you love.

By joining our TierOne Travel team, you will instantly benefit from more than 25 years of experience, quality supplier relationships, top-tier commission, and everything else you need to quickly boost your bottom line.

You will become part of the TierOne family, which is made up of highly professional, talented, enthusiastic, compassionate people who love to travel and love to help others experience the joy of travel for themselves.

We understand changing host agencies or becoming an independent travel consultant can be a scary proposition. Rest assured we are here to help every step of the way.


Increase your revenue earning potential through competitive commission splits and higher-at-the-source commission earning ability. Gain more control over your life and career. With us, you will have the freedom to excel.

Whether you are a specialist in a niche travel market, a corporate consultant, wedding specialist or a jack of all trades, we can accommodate you and help you shine. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate. And being part of the global Ensemble Travel Group enables TierOne Travel to provide you with all the support you need to succeed.


TierOne Travel will provide the tools and resources to relieve your burden and improve your success. We are able to free up your time by taking the burdensome tasks off your plate and offering you the ability to focus to do what you do best!

By transferring your existing agency into a TierOne Travel office, you will decrease your overhead and increase your earning potential. At the end of the day, you will have more money in your pocket than you did before.

Imagine being able to retain your agency ownership, name and brand, while having the support of a long-standing host agency that can provide you with the tools to operate more profitably and efficiently.

Let’s Talk

If you’re thinking of branching out on your own, give us a call. We would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer all your questions. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision and to know it’s the right one for you.

We have so many stories from our independent travel agents and agency-owners about why they are happy they joined TierOne Travel. Many say they wished they had done it sooner!

Read some of their stories here

Fill in the short online form in our Contact Us section and take the first steps toward greater freedom and more rewards as part of the TierOne Travel family.


Wanting to grow your book of business but don’t know where to start?

TierOne Travel can offer solutions!


1. What makes TierOne Travel different than other host agencies?

TierOne is a ‘boutique’ style host agency with a well-established reputation in the travel industry.

Our brand is recognized as one of the best host agencies in the business and our travel agents are recognized as the utmost accomplished professionals.

2. Is there a sign-up fee?

There is a one-time set up fee of $299. Monthly fees are dependent on the contract of your choice.

3. What type of contract do I need to sign?

TierOne offers a selection of contracts accommodating a variety of situations, one that will be sure to meet your needs. Our most popular is a sliding scale of commission splits.

4. How much are the monthly administrative fees?

Depending on the contract that best suits your situation, the administrative fees can be fixed or sliding.

5. What would be my overall expenditure to be set up as a TierOne Travel consultant?

Set up cost would include:
– For home agents, the cost of a computer & printer (for in house agents that would be part of your Facility Fee)
– Errors & Omission insurance
– If you choose to sell insurance in Alberta, a licensing fee would also apply.

6. Do I have the option to work from home as well as work from your physical office?

You definitely have a choice of working entirely from home or in one of our offices located in either Calgary or Victoria. As a home consultant you do have the freedom of 24/7 access to your local TierOne office and use of in-office space for client meetings. An available contract option is to work in office 8 days/month and the remaining from home. TierOne is here to provide a work environment that works for you.

7. Are there sales quotas?

No, TierOne Travel does not impose a sales threshold. The desire to earn more is completely up to you.

8. What is the onboarding process like?

TierOne Travel support staff will have you up and running in no time! They will be with you every step of the way.

9. Do you offer training and/or support? What kind of back-up can I expect?

TierOne is able to provide product training, marketing training as well as GDS & airline contract support. We boast the highest support to agent ratio; our experienced support staff are here to help you with any situation you may experience to ensure your success.

10. How often does Tier One Travel pay commissions to me?

Commissions are paid monthly.

11. How much can I plan to make – how successful are TierOne Travel consultants?

TierOne consultants are some of the most successful in the industry; 6 figure incomes not uncommon.

12. Who looks after my clients if I want to take a vacation?

TierOne can provide vacation coverage at a cost, although most consultants team with colleagues (which we could help you with) or simply take their laptops with them.


Nervous about Debit Memos arising from complicated fare structures?

We have a solution that you will really like!


Our fees are as follows:

Home Agent In Office
Setting up your office   Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria
Personal company email address including remote access yes yes
First set of business cards yes yes
Business Phone at cost included
Personalized Website page yes yes
Clientbase yes yes
Membership services of the company's affiliations eg Ensemble, ACTA, CLIA yes yes
ACTA Membership Included yes yes
IATA Card *after minimum sales threshold at cost at cost
Toll free 24 hour worldwide emergency service for clients at cost at cost
E & O Coverage at cost at cost
Access to Extended Health Benefits yes yes
Postage & courier charges at cost at cost
Access to Corporate Business Tools yes yes
Optional annual business analysis yes yes
Opportunity to add team members yes yes
Facility Fee no yes
Technology & Accounting    
Choice of GDS (Sabre or Travelport) yes yes
Access to TierOne Travel Intranet yes yes
Commission Reporting Tool yes yes
Booking Builder for Sabre users (minimum monthly sales required) yes yes
Exclusive Group Travel Organizer Tool yes yes
Monthly net commissions via direct deposit yes yes
Accounting Services: track consultant sales, commissions, debit memos, corporate reports, etc. yes yes
Social Media Support yes yes
Access to Free Social Media Content yes yes
Creation and distribution of e-newsletters yes yes
Travel Blogs yes yes
Travel Magazine Mailout at cost at cost
Direct Mail pieces yes yes
Use of the company's brand, logos etc to support marketing efforts yes yes
Advertising & promotional items at cost at cost
TierOne Exclusive Supplier Webinars yes yes
Access to Supplier training yes yes
Invitation to TierOne Travel Conference yes yes
Invitation to exclusive TierOne Travel Educational Seminar yes yes
Invitation to Regional Extraordinary Conference yes yes
Invitation to Ensemble International Conference yes yes
Consortia Member - Ensemble yes yes
Access to Agent Rates & FAMS yes yes
Exclusively negotiated net fares and commissions yes yes
Onboarding Assistance yes yes
Access to TierOne support staff for day to day issues yes yes
In house ticketing & airline contract support yes yes
Assistance with supplier issues as required yes yes
Assistance with business development through networking and training yes yes
Travel industry manuals & publications yes yes
Signing Bonus Yes
Set up Fee $299
Annual Fee No annual fee
Earning Commission Splits from 50% to 88%
Monthly Fees sliding scale based on commission splits

We proudly maintain

boutique attributes and high standards

while embracing family values.


During the past quarter century, TierOne has maintained our boutique attributes and high standards while embracing family values. TierOne Travel’s exceptional reputation has earned us the admiration and respect from both suppliers and customers.

Our company brings together a dedicated group of independent travel specialists who are all experts in their niches. Together, they have helped thousands of clients for more than two decades.

TierOne Travel launched the Host Agency model in western Canada over 25 years ago to which many others have followed. TierOne Travel was created to better serve independent travel consultants and agencies to become more efficient and profitable.

TierOne Travel’s President Shelley Ewing and General Manager Shelley Parry are both passionate about helping others succeed in the travel industry. Let them and their team help you to achieve great success.


Our Mission

TierOne Travel pledges to provide our consultants with the most effective tools and support to guarantee their success with reliability, initiative, and trustworthiness.

Our Values

TierOne Travel supports a culture based on values, which are demonstrated through our actions and behaviours. We provide the highest level of customer service, working together as a team, caring for one another, striving for excellence in all we do, while continuing to maintain balance in our lives. We are able to achieve this by embracing the following values:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Openness
  • Diversity
  • Balance

Social Responsibility

At TierOne Travel, we believe in giving back…in being socially responsible.  That’s why we give to make the world a better place, both at home and internationally.

We love travelling the world and understand the environmental issues currently facing our planet.  TierOne also believes that charity begins at home and thus are proud to support Nature Canada, one of the oldest national nature conservation charities in Canada.  For 80 years Nature Canada has helped protect over 110 million acres of parks and wildlife areas in Canada and countless species.

TierOne also believes in providing a hand up versus a handout and for years has been funding KIVA, the world’s first lending platform supporting women, entrepreneurs, students and refugees worldwide.  More than 1.7 billion people around the world are unbanked and cannot access the financial services they need.  Kiva is an international nonprofit with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive with 100% of every dollar going to fund loans.


TierOne Travel is proud of the recognition we receive from our industry partners, bragging rights for the Top Tier organization we are. These include:

  • Air Canada Circle of Excellence 2019
  • WestJet Top Premium Air Sales 2019
  • Continually ranking in the top 10 Canadian Agencies, earning TierOne Travel the Ensemble Elite Top Producer designation
  • Club Med Outstanding Sales Accomplishment


We can’t wait to hear from you – let’s chat. Use the form below to contact us!

Fill out my online form.